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    Tuesday, February 27, 2018   /   by Paul Wolfert

    5 Easy Remodels to Give Your Home an Instant Facelift

    By: Paul Wolfert - "The Move-Up Expert"

    Whether you're looking to sell right now or merely thinking about the future, improving your home's value with an easy, inexpensive remodel is a great way to ensure a quicker sale.

    It's easy to get in over your head while remodeling, so make sure you do your research before you get started. Here are five easy remodels that will give your home an instant facelift.

    Replace the Front Door

    The front door is one of the first impressions people get of your home. Replacing it is certainly one option, but you don't even have to go that far. Instead, check for rusty or stiff hinges, cracks or splits in the surface, or a loose doorknob. Repair or replace anything necessary, and then spiff it up even more with a decorative doorknocker, pretty brass numbers for the address, or a cool doorbell that plays a unique tune.

    Fix the Roof

    Replacing the roof is an expensive proposition, but taking care of the existing roof is in ...

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    Thursday, February 22, 2018   /   by Paul Wolfert

    Tips for Boosting the Resale Value in an Older Home

    By: Paul Wolfert - "The Move-Up Expert"

    Many older homes have lower values when they go up for sale because they have outdated materials and a design that is no longer contemporary.

    Fortunately, there are many different ways to boost the resale value of any property and attract buyers. If you want to improve the quality and the appeal of your house, here are a few tips to follow.

    Allow for More Light
    Dim and dark interior settings can feel depressing and can reduce the value of older homes. Allow more light in by installing a skylight or a sun tube, which will use less energy and will create a well-lit environment. Sun tubes are popular options because they're affordable to install and can be used in smaller areas of the building.

    You can also install sheer curtains on the window and remove blackout curtains to prevent natural light from being blocked during the day.
    Install New Cabinetry
    The cabinets are one of the most important features throughout the ...

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    Thursday, January 25, 2018   /   by Paul Wolfert

    5 Inspections to Make Before You Sell Your Home

    By: Paul Wolfert - "The Move-Up Expert"

    When you're getting ready to sell your home, you want to make sure you can get top dollar for it.

    Because who wants to get "bottom dollar" for anything? Not me.

    You’ve probably cleaned everything multiple times, you’ve cleared out extra junk, and you may have even staged the place so that it looks "picture perfect".

    So are you ready? Not quite.

    Before you list your home, there are a couple of inspections that you should probably do.

    I'll make this list short and sweet. If you'd like the full list of what to do before selling, click here for my full PreSelling Checklist PDF.

    1. Roof 'O Rama!

    When was the last time you scooted up onto your roof? For most people, the answer is "never".

    Well, you should do it, or have it done before a buyer hires an inspector to lug his gear up there. Finding out you problems beforehand is always better than the alternative.

    If repairs are necessary ...

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    Friday, December 08, 2017   /   by Paul Wolfert

    Someone's mad at me for not being "salesy" enough.

    Well, I did it. I’ve made someone mad because I’m not “salesy”.

    Recently, I sent out an email about a bunch of animals living alone in a Central Park apartment because I thought it was humorous & worth sharing. Who out there got it?

    Most people thought it was funny, one did not.

    This guy was MAD that I would send a non-sales related email and had to let me know.

    Check out the video and share your thoughts.

    If you'd like to read along, here's the email and response:

    Subject: Pet Apartment

    I just read that somewhere on Central Park West, three parrots, a feral cat, and a Russian tortoise are living it up in a 650-foot studio (on their own.) What would you say if you went to welcome your new neighbors and found these unusual roommates living it up instead?
    I hope you’re happy with your current neighbors! If not, I'm happy to help.



    Paul -
    Let m ...

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    Monday, June 05, 2017   /   by Paul Wolfert

    8 Ways to Boost your Michigan Home Resale Value

    By: Paul Wolfert - "The Move-Up Expert"

    From time to time it can be fun to scour the latest “Top Ten” lists of cost-conscious ways to increase the value of your Michigan home.
    Some make more sense than others. Upgrading bathroom vanity cabinets appears on some of the house value lists, for instance—but those lists were probably whipped together in a hurry since the return on investment is admitted to be 66%. When an investment returns two-thirds of its cost, it’s hardly competitive. For Michigan homeowners preparing to sell, vanity cabinets don’t belong on the action list.
    The best idea lists are the ones which show ROI: the return on investment. Here’s a new compilation, offered purely as food for thought (since the “return” number for any individual case can’t actually be verified)—

    Yard improvement, AKA Landscaping. Return on investment registers at a hefty 303% according to the NAR® (and even 400%, per Th ...

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