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  • About Paul Wolfert

    Paul Wolfert Century 21

    Hello there! Welcome.

    Nice to meet you. I'm Paul.


    I'm the realtor who’s not a household name.


    I don't have a “reason” you should buy or sell right away.


    You won't see my mug on billboards. I don't send you mounds of junk mail...and I'd never interrupt your family's celebration of Taco-Tuesday with a door knock or phone call.


    There are no ads starring me on TV and you've never heard my voice on the radio while driving to work.


    (If you were hoping for a clever 800# to use from a pay phone, sorry… Don't have one. Besides, who actually wants to chit-chat on the phone now that we can talk with our thumbs? Not me.)


    Honestly, I don’t even have the real estate agent “look” down. Power-posing in a suit? No thanks. Converse and Levi’s are staples in my wardrobe.


    I also don't quarterback a big “team” or “group” and there's no “& associates” after my name.


    Everyone I take on works directly with me. Sorry...not sorry.


    Finally, I could make some outrageous claims & guarantees to impress you. But I won't.


    Now, despite all my shortcomings…


    I've somehow managed to win some of this industry's highest awards for customer satisfaction and sales production year after year.


    My style (big surprise) clashes hard with nearly every agent in the game.


    Let's just say, you won't be strong-armed into signing a contract before I’m willing to jump in with both feet to help.


    I keep things scary simple.


    No manipulating. No sales-trickery. No pressure.


    Want to buy a place in Michigan? Awesome. I’ll make sure you get the house you want without overpaying.


    Want to sell a place in Michigan? Also awesome. I’ll help you quickly put a pile of money in your bank account.


    I’m getting amazing deals for my buyers and my sellers have set records highs all over the state.


    My way is simple (salespeople take note)... Stop selling and start helping.


    It’s common sense. People want to be helped. Not sold or manipulated.


    No amount of big ticket marketing will change that.


    It’s not about being a “neighborhood expert” or the “agent next door” anymore either. The internet has changed all of that. A good agent could live 50 miles away and have more data than any local.

    So, if you’re thinking about making a move sometime in your life and you’re pick’n up what I’m putting down...I’d love to help.

    Paul Wolfert

    Century 21 Masters Club (Multi-Million Dollar Producer) 2014,2015,2016
    Century 21 Quality Service Pinnacle Holder
    Century 21 Presidents Producer Award Holder 
    HOUR Magazine Real Estate All-Star (Top 5% of agents)

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